Plantworks Nursery Grower’s Picks Week 45

October 30, 2013

Here are this week’s grower’s picks.  You may notice something unique in the mix, and those are the Savour Basil trees.  These are brand new on the market, and Plantworks Nursery is happy to add these to our mix!  We have 50 ready right now in regular gallon pots for $7.95 each.  We will have more ready later in real terra cotta pots, but only a limited supply.  If you are interested, make sure you place your orders now.  You can find more info on the Savour Basil trees here.  If you have any questions about any of the grower’s picks, or about the Savour Basil trees, please feel free to call us at the office (919) 732-6594 or shoot me an email (

Take care!

Pansy Delta Red Blotch 4″ pot (18 count tray)

Cardoon gallons

Cardoon gallon

Ornamental Cabbage Songbird White 4″/18ct

Ornamental Cabbage Songbird White 4″ pot (18 count tray)

Savour Basil trees (link above for more information)

Savour Basil tree (link above for more information)

Pansy Matrix Purple 6-pack

Pansy Matrix Purple 36 count (6-packs)

Ghost Lady Fern quart (12 count flats)

Ghost Lady Fern quarts (12 count flats)

Northern Maiden Hair fern gallons

Northern Maidenhair fern gallon

Dixie Wood Fern gallons

Dixie Wood Fern gallon

Ivy Thorndale 4″/18ct

Ivy Thorndale 4″ pot (18 count trays)

Ivy Sweetheart 4″ pot (18 count trays)

Ivy Sweetheart 4″ 18ct

Pachysandra ‘Green Carpet’ 2.5″/32ct

Pachysandra ‘Green Carpet’ 2.5″ pot (32 count trays)

Heuchera Crimson Curls gallons

Heuchera Crimson Curls gallon

Yucca Colorguard gallons

Yucca Colorguard gallon

Shasta Daisy Snow Cap gallons

Shasta Daisy Snow Cap gallon

Carex flacca gallons

Phlox Emerald Blue gallons

Phlox Emerald Blue gallon

Phlox Red Wings gallon

Pansy Colossus White 4″ pot (18 count flat)

Pansy Colossus White 4″/18ct

Snapdragon Snapshot Mix 4″ 18ct

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