July is here! Half the year already gone…

Another busy Spring has flown by, and the temperatures only seem to be rising across the country. Here in Rougemont, North Carolina we are opening early and closing before midday to ensure everyone stays as cool, and safe, as possible working out of doors. With the sun blazing, and plants craving water and pruning, there is plenty to do to keep the average gardener, or landscaper, busy.

While sitting back and enjoying the splendor of a Spring season well planted, there are some concerns that require your attention during the hottest months of the year. Remember the following points to ensure quality plant life and health:

  • Mulch! This will conserve moisture in the ground (and pot) for those of us not around during the day to water.
  • Try your best to water early in the AM. Water deeply at this time to prevent drought stress in your blooms and foliage.
  • Dead-head plants regularly to encourage new growth and continued blooms throughout the Summer.
  • You can lightly fertilize at this time of the year to get more growth.
  • Make sure to pay special attention to potted plants, as they will dry out much more quickly than in-ground plants.
  • Don’t give up on Annuals just yet! As long as you keep them watered and moist, plant until your heart is content.
  • Think ahead: Plant that Pumpkin for Autumn!
  • Speaking of planning ahead: now is the perfect time to think about Pansies and other Autumn plantings.

Happy Planting! 

Stay Cool!


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