Thinking of Spring 2017?

Thinking of Spring 2017?

Any individual working in the green industry knows that Spring is ALWAYS right around the corner. Each season is spent planning the next…

It is only the beginning of 2017, but Plantworks Nursery has already been planning for Spring in earnest. We have ordered our stock for the season, made our bids on early Spring jobs, and in some cases have already began growing the material. While we understand not everyone is able to run on this far out of a scheduled plan, we do ask that you remember the hustle and bustle the season can bring.

We completely understand that everyone has picky clients who can’t make up their mind, or those that can, but want unrealistic goals met. We also understand that retail sales can be tricky, and can be greatly affected by the weather. And lest we forget, Mother Nature answers to no schedule. All that being said, we still have to plan accordingly to what we can provide at peak season, and we aim to supply top quality as well as quantity.

The following are some important reminders to communicate to all of our clients, whether you are new to Plantworks, or just need to be updated on how we handle Springtime. As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns. Don’t wait until Spring is here, ALWAYS PLAN AHEAD! (919-732-6594 or

  • Pre-books for the season will be evaluated on the basis of the order. Please send in any lists you may have (with dates), and we will decide the best way to provide you that material. We will only be taking specific pre-books for the season. Please contact us with any questions.
  • We send out weekly availability lists to our customers in email form. These lists should tell you what looks good and how many of an item we have. Keeping up with our inventory will help you buy and plan for the Spring. Check your inbox for this.
  • Trucking fills up very rapidly during the height of Spring. We deliver on our trucks Tuesday-Friday. No Monday or weekend deliveries. It is common for trucking to be booked out for the whole week by Monday afternoon in the busy season. Planning ahead will help avoid these issues.
  • We load the trucks the day before they are due out for delivery. (Hence, if you are getting a Tuesday delivery, then we are loading that on Monday.) We cannot take additions to your order past 12 noon on that loading day. The time is simply not there.
  • For our customers who receive price tags from us: There will be times when we must call/email to confirm pricing information. Please try to be as available as possible to answer these questions, or you may not get any tags. We cannot make up pricing for items, and this is why it is vitally important to fill out pricing databases at the beginning of the year. (Price tagging will be covered in another post.)
  • There must be someone on site of your delivery to help our drivers unload. Job site, home, retail center, anywhere at all; there must be help for our deliverymen.Our driver’s time is planned out for the day, and they work very hard to make schedules. Multiple hands are better than one! There is a handling fee for not meeting our driver on site, and this will be charged to you after the fact when we are alerted to the issue.
  • To hold items over a two-week period, we require a 25% deposit. This will come out of your end total on delivery/pickup. There are no exceptions to this rule during the Spring. We must move material when it is in prime condition. If you do not take your items in the allotted time frame, we will release them back into general availability.
  • Pick ups are always welcome. We love to see our friends face to face, and the nursery is located in some beautiful country. Our schedule for pickup’s ends an hour and a half before we close. Most of the year this means we stop letting people into the nursery at 3 PM. (During the Summer months, this means 2 PM.) There are very few exceptions we make to this rule, so if you are concerned about time constraints, a simple phone call will help.

These are just a few of the important reminders for the Spring season, but every situation is different. We are here to assist you, and will try our best to help anyone at anytime. We hope to have a prosperous, smooth season; and we hope you do to!

Happy Planting!

Trade Shows 2017

Every year in January, there are two things you can count on with a certainty. The weather will be cold, and Plantworks will be attending trade shows. We attend two shows early in the year, and everyone is asked to find our booths and say hello. If you would like to match names to faces, have questions about Plantworks, or are interested in becoming a new client; we welcome the chance to meet you! Trade shows are a perfect time to expand business, plan for the year, secure suppliers, and in general enjoy the company of plant people from all around the world. Whether you are an old friend of the business, or just getting started, we hope to see you all in January!


Also known as the Masterpiece of Trade Shows, this annual event is held January 11-13th, 2017. We will be traveling to the Baltimore Convention Center to meet with at least thousands of other tradesmen in the plant business. MANTS means business! This is the slogan for the whole event, and we are prepared to bring our business to Baltimore. For more information on this trade show, please visit the website

Actual physical address:

  • Baltimore Convention Center
    One West Pratt Street
    Baltimore, MD. 21201

Booth # 446 & 448



Green & Growin’ is held in Greensboro, NC on January 16-20th, 2017. Although you would not believe it if you saw the event taking place, Green & Growin’ is the smaller, local show we attend. There are over 400 exhibitors from all around the US, and many are already friends of Plantworks Nursery. We value the time we get to spend with our existing clients to better serve their needs and maintain a personal relationship with them. Green N Growin is also a great place to get educated on so many levels. With featured speakers from all over the plant business, one can find information on just about anything concerning planting or marketing. For more information on this trade show, please visit the website

Actual physical address:

  • Special Events Center @ the Greensboro Coliseum                                                   1921 Gate City Blvd.
    Greensboro, NC 27403

Booth # 317

We look forward to seeing all of Plantworks Nursery’s existing friends, and also look forward to making many more connections in the year to come! See you all in January!

Happy Planting!




Winter Solstice 2016

Winter Solstice 2016

In 2016, winter begins on December 21, 5:44 A.M. EST.

The Winter solstice marks the shortest day, and longest night of the year. This day marks the true beginning of Winter, because from here until the Spring, temperatures will gradually fall and become much colder. It is now time to wait patiently until Spring arrives….

“Summer comes with a bound, winter comes yawning…”

Did you know?

Helleborus.JPGThe Christmas Rose, otherwise known as Hellebore, is thought to be one of the oldest cultivated plants in history. In Greek times, it was known as Black Hellebore, or injurious food, because it is poisonous. It was used to try and cure madness all throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. Who knew the lovely hellebore had such an interesting, and slightly morbid history?

Holiday Season 2016


Planning, budgeting, shopping, wrapping, traveling….work, work, work. How many of you view the holiday season this way? The joy of the holidays, and the joy of spending time with friends and family, can easily be lost during this hectic period. Take the time to stop and smell the frankincense and mir, so to speak. Don’t let planning for the rush detract from much-needed down time with your loved ones. We here at Plantworks Nursery will be home with our families from December 23rd to January 1st. We will be back to regular business hours on Monday, January 2nd. (8 AM- 4:30 PM)

We are here to help throughout December with any late, or last minute, planting jobs you may have. Send in any inquires to our email account, as we will check those periodically during the break. ( Please contact our retail branch partner, Durham Garden Center, for any plant related gift ideas. Give the gift of growing things this year, and watch the smiles abound at your annual gatherings.

Happy Planting!