Great Groundcovers

Great Groundcovers

Need to add something “more” to your lawn? Plantworks has you covered, literally!

As the popularity of Groundcover plants grows, it is important to know the characteristics of the most sought after items for your area. We carry a complete line of plants that can handle any job. Plantworks offers the following list for natural landscapes:

  • Ajuga- Bugleweed
  • Euonymus fortuneii- Wintercreeper
  • Hedera helix- English Ivy
  • Hypercium- St Johnswort
  • Iberis sempervirens- Evergreen Candytuft
  • Liriope- Lilyturf/ Monkey Grass
  • Muhlenbeckia axillaris- Wire Vine
  • Ophiopogon japonicus- Mondo Grass
  • Pachysandra terminalis- Japanese Spurge
  • Phlox subulata- Creeping Phlox
  • Trachelospermum asiaticum- Asiatic Jasmine
  • Vinca Minor and Major- Periwinkle

We also offer many others selections (IE. Creeping Thyme, Galium, and Rubus) that are considered Perennials in our catalog, but can be planted, and maintained, as a Groundcover item. Contact us about availability!

Happy Planting!



End of Pansies 2017

Sending out thanks to all our clients for another amazing Pansy season!

Pansies and Fall Annuals flew off the shelves! We are grateful to be able to provide color to all our clients across the East coast. We are already getting ready for Spring 2018, are you? We are also greatly anticipating spending time with our families for the upcoming Holiday season. Thanks again for everyone’s continued patronage from season to season!


Happy Planting!

Grower Picks February 27th, 2017

The time of year has come for Grower Picks! These are plants that are looking especially lovely at the present moment. Each section of the Nursery has chosen a few exceptional looking items to highlight for our clients. These items are highlighted on our weekly availability in grey for easy identification. The following pictures are current and accurate as to plant quality. Please contact us with any questions on pricing or availability.

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